Flashlight not working, powering on, or recharging properly?

1. Check to see if there is a battery safety sticker on the back of the battery. Please remove it before operating. For more information download and read the latest User Guide

2. Recharge: Insert the Micro-USB cable into the flashlight and the USB end into a power source of your choice (e.g. computer USB port, laptop, AC adapter plug, etc.)  Now click-on the tailcap switch to complete the circuit.

3. The LED indicator should start to blink blue which means the flashlight is recharging properly.

4. When the LED indicator becomes solid blue, recharging is complete. Unclick the tailcap switch and remove the Micro-USB cable.

5. Test the flashlight. If it still does not work move on to step #7

7.  After the battery is fully charged (solid blue LED indicator). Remove the head from the flashlight completely.

8. Remove the USB cover completely.

9. Reinstall the flashlight head without the USB cover. In some instances if the USB cover is on too tightly before the flashlight body is tightened, there will be a loose connection. If the flashlight works without the USB cover, you can now reinstall the USB cover and just make sure the head is on tightly before fully tightening the USB cover.

Contact us at support@zerohourxd.com if problems still persist. We will repair your flashlight or send replacement parts under warranty.