On December 23rd, 2013 our first project was successfully funded on Kickstarter: ZeroHour XD Campaign. One year later we launched our 2nd project which was also successfully funded: ZeroHour Relic XR Campaign.



We are modern day adventurers at ZeroHour. We explore the world on our own terms, redefine products for today’s needs, and shine a light on new possibilities.
Our mission is to create outdoor gear, consumer electronics, and public safety products that put the user in control. Too often we’re locked into devices that don’t live up to our circumstances, that don’t adapt to our situations, that sauter and seal our choices away in their quest to look cool. ZeroHour creates the highest quality products with modern technology to power users through any situation, and we do it without compromising form or function. ZeroHour products keep you connected and secure, because we believe wherever you are on your journey, at the zero hour, you deserve a product that respects the power in you.


Amy and Aaron have been business partners for over six years. Combining their boundless entrepreneurial spirit with a diverse management background, Amy and Aaron co-own ventures focused on creating and innovating LED lighting products, apparel, and accessories. Their design, manufacturing, and marketing expertise are vital to their vision for ZeroHour Innovations.


ZeroHour Innovations was founded in early 2013 to revolutionize the tactical battery backup flashlight. Its dedicated team of designers creates the highest quality products with modern technology to power users through any situation. With a built-in battery backup to charge USB devices, the ZeroHour flashlight provides more than just light in an emergency. ZeroHour Innovations targets the needs of the outdoor, consumer electronics and public safety markets.